12WBT = Oh Em Gee

A few days ago I signed up for Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation and I’ve been completing the pre season tasks. The most recent of which is to Get Organised. So today I went out and bought a diary… Well actually I couldn’t find a diary I liked so I bought a ‘journal’ (now I have to write in every date, gah!). I did this because I like to be organised and I think maybe that has been one of my big issues with health and weightloss in the past – I’ve decided I haven’t got time or I’m too tired etc, but if I see it sitting there in my diary staring at me I will do it! Or at least feel horrendously guilty and make up for it the next day.
I chose a diary that fits easily in my handbag but it’s pages are big enough for me to fit in my exercise schedule, calories burnt, everything I’ve eaton for the day and how I’ve felt. I wanted enough space so that when I look back on a bad/good day I can see more than just my stats. I want to remember how good it felt, for example, on week 3 when I’d reached a 5kg loss and how shitty I felt on week 7 when it was all too overwhelming.

So far I’ve diarised the days on which I have commitments that will impact upon the food I eat, and the mini and major milestone weeks. My fiancé and I are Rotary members and go to a meeting every Thursday at 6pm and part of that is dinner. I have thought that I could eat dinner before or after the meeting and therefore have no issues with my calories, BUT it will either be very early or VERY late. We often don’t finish the meeting until 9.30 or 10pm and I can’t eat that late! So I think I will make an effort to choose something healthy, as we can order whatever we want, and make the best of it. My other commitment is VIEW club on the first Tuesday of every month. I have the same problem with dinner on that night, compounded though by the fact that we only ever get two items to choose from (neither of which have ever been short on calories). I have considered requesting a vegetarian meal from the restaurant – thoughts?

In the diary I have also penned in my workout time EVERYDAY! I’ll be up at 5.30am 6 days a week every second week, and up at 7am on the Saturday every other week (make sense!?). I work every second Saturday for a half day on the same weekend that my fiancé is rostered on. On the weekends we’re off I’ve given us a sleep in with a gym time of 7am as I know that once our bodies get into rhythm we won’t be sleeping in later than this anyway – we don’t sleep in much now as it is! At the moment I’ve left Sundays blank cos I’m not sure what we’ll want to do. If we’ll want to get up and go for a walk together, go for a walk in the afternoon or if we’ll be doing gardening and getting in some incidental exercise.

At the moment we don’t have any events in the next three months (god I hope this doesn’t change) so I’m confident that as long as I keep my head in the game I will SMASH these three months. Three months of my life to start to get the rest of my life in order.

Bring it on.



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