January 2014

The Best Of…

Book – Definitely Divergent by Veronica Roth, hands down, throw myself into the path of a steam train if she would continue the trilogy. If you like Hunger Games, you will love Divergent. A young girl, a cute but tortured guy, a post apocalyptic city and the struggle for power. I LOVE IT.

Movie – Hmm I’ve seen a couple of movies this month including getting around to watching The Great Gatsby. I was surprised, it wasn’t about what I thought it was and I really did enjoy it.

Meal – Matt and I are lucky enough to have a wood fired pizza oven in the backyard – heaven! We’ve hosted two pizza nights this month and we nailed the pizza on the second night. Chicken, pesto with sundried tomato! Pepperoni, chargrilled capsicum, chorizo! Chicken, fetta, pumpkin! So good. Homemade pizza is like nom nom nom.

Event – Hands down would be hosting a successful Rotary social night at our house (the second, more successful pizza night). Matt and I are the youngest and two of the newest Rotary members. We’re not amazing in our contributions to the local community, not particularly affluent nor have we gotten really involved in any Rotary sponsored events. Yet. To have had a group of 20+ people over to our house, 95% of whom were over the age of 50, and for them to have had a great night was So. Freaking. Fantastic. They kept telling us how great our house is (it is – but it’s just a rental), how good the food was and how much of a good time they had. Everyone in this group of people are successful personally and in business and have contributed so much to the community for many years so to have hosted them all and for it to go well as 23 year olds was just…. Great.

Achievement – Signing up for 12WBT! I WILL smash this. I WILL reach my goals. I CAN DO THIS.



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