Ready … Set … Wait, what?

Pumped, ready to go, psyched, bring it on!

Actually, I’m hungry.

Apparently I’m currently detoxing. Two days without sugar, caffeine, much in the way of carbs, much in the way of calories for that matter, and I’m hungry and tired and cranky. Yesterday I had a headache ALL FREAKING DAY. I would eat and it would slightly subside, I would drink water and sweet FA happened. The ache finally left me when my head hit the pillow but then oh man did the 5.30am gym sesh come around quickly! It’s not all doom and gloom though. I am so far enjoying the morning workouts with the exception of my current shin splints. I have never ever EVER run on a treadmill before but I did so for the first time yesterday morning 🙂 I’ve purchased a Polar FT60 watch with heart monitor which has arrived in the mail and I am definitely looking forward to giving it a go tomorrow morning. With this I can track my calories burnt, have specific targets created for me and log all of my workouts (amongst other things). Hopefully this will be another motivator and help to keep me on track… Even if the real motivation is that I need to use it everyday to stop my fiancĂ© from yelling at me for how much it cost…

Every week on the 12wbt we have a challenge. This week I need to write a letter to myself answering some specific questions, so here for your reading pleasure –

Dear Phillipa,

It’s two days into the 12WBT and I’m nervous. I’m also excited to see how I go but I feel so much nervous anticipation as well. What if I fail AGAIN? What if I don’t get great results and I just slip back into old habits? What if I do get good results but I can’t stick with it after the round? I don’t want to be unhealthy anymore.
My biggest challenges this round will be my willpower and my ability to deal with my cravings. I am an absolute sucker for peanut M&Ms and coke zero. I honestly think I put on 30kgs of M&Ms. How do I say goodbye to these lovers for 12 weeks? I don’t. I say not so often and not so much Phillipa! My biggest achievement to look forward to will be the weight loss. It will be great to be able to run without feeling like I’m dying and to have a healthy relationship with food, but those achievements will pale in comparison with being able to look easily at myself in the mirror and be happy with what I see.
My fiancĂ© will be my main cheerleader but also my saboteur – he likes junk food and is as adverse to exercise as me! We need to work together. I’ve been given advice along the lines of, “take it slowly”, “don’t make too many changes at once”, “it takes time, look at the long term”. All good advice… All things I’ve been telling myself.

See you on the skinny side!

Oh! Weird point of interest – I really like plain, hard boiled eggs. Random.



1 thought on “Ready … Set … Wait, what?

  1. Thank you for the reminder about boiled eggs! I bought eggs yesterday and today looked blankly at them, trying to remember why….Also tuna is my friend…very filing and low cal.
    Love the letter, thank you for sharing it 🙂

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