Too fat. Too skinny. Too hard.

I think nearly everyone has probably heard of Rachel Frederickson by now. She is the latest winner of the Biggest Loser US and everyone is saying that she has lost too much weight. I’m not going to comment on her weight loss as I’m not a professional and I really have no idea what I’m talking about. But I think most people and the media are being way too hard on her. Everyone seems to be forgetting that she’s a real person, this isn’t the end of her story even though it’s the end of her time on the Biggest Loser. It’s highly unlikely that she will stay the weight she is now… The Biggest Loser doesn’t teach the contestants about maintaining weight or how to adapt their healthy living to their every day lives. It’s most likely that Rachel will put back on up to half of what she lost – like most contestants.

Reading the news stories and comments about her has made me so happy no one really knows who I am. That must be so hard.

As for me, I’m pretty much at the end of my first 12wbt week. And I think it has gone pretty well! I’ve stuck to the nutrition plan probably 90% and the exercise 100%. I didn’t make a good food choice at Rotary on Thursday night… I had schnitzel parmigiana. Oh well. I’m not going to beat myself up about it, it’s only one meal out of many. Michelle made mention in one of her videos that you need to focus on the big picture. I need to focus on the 12 weeks as a whole and not worry about the couple of slip ups.

This is my life, and if I’m going to keep this up for the entirety of it I need to be able to have a schnitzel every now and then without hating myself 🙂

I’m a little worried about the number of calories I’m burning during my workouts. Apparently I should be burning 400 – 800 calories in a normal workout. Even though I feel like I’m dying during most of my sessions and my body is killing me in the days afterward I’m generally only burning around 300 calories. I’m going to look into it and hopefully it’s something I can work on.

Oh, and today I’ve started the 30 Day Ab & Squat Challenge! I’ll do this after work in my lounge room. I figure that it would be nice once this fat has been stripped away to have some muscle definition under there!



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